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coffee sleep deficit knightcap sleep supplements

Coffee Won’t Help You Overcome a Sleep Deficit

Do you rely on a cup or three of coffee every morning to wake you up and help you face the day? This beverage might be liquid gold to millions, but it isn’t the true secret to waking up and staying awake or avoiding a sleep deficit. To be present and engaged every day for … Read more

sleep habit fully rested knightcap sleep aid

Is It Possible to Wake Up Feeling Fully Rested?

You’ve probably heard people say things like, “I got an amazing night of sleep” or “I woke up feeling so good this morning.” Your response? Jealousy? Disbelief? It can feel like people are simply lying about their sleep prowess when you struggle with achieving quality rest let alone waking with a spring in your step … Read more

alcohol and sleep knightcap sleep supplements

Reasons to Question Your Relationship with Alcohol and Sleep

German respiratory medicine journal Thorax recently published the results of a study about people who drink then sleep while on a plane. Many people imbibe whether they’re flying across the country or over an ocean, telling themselves they’ll be well-rested when they land thanks to their favorite wine or cocktail. Turns out, drinking while flying … Read more

sleep solutions snoring knightcap supplements

Sleep Solutions: When Your Partner Sleeps but You Can’t

One of the great mysteries of the world is having a partner who sleeps soundly while you are wide awake and angry on your side of the bed. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people because of sleep disturbances, sleep apnea, hormonal fluctuations, or other health problems. Thankfully, with minor effort, there are sleep … Read more

menopause sleep disturbances knightcap sleep supplements

How to Win Against Menopause Sleep Disturbances

One of the biggest side effects women in perimenopause and menopause suffer is horrible sleep. They might not be able to fall asleep, stay asleep, wake feeling fully rested, or feel well-rested throughout the day. Hormones play a mind and body game for years, and that is simply too long for any woman to put … Read more

broad spectrum cbd happy sleep knightcap sleep supplements

Broad Spectrum CBD: The Natural Ingredient for Happy Sleep

Many people struggle to achieve a good night of sleep. Many of these people also want to avoid medications or alcohol to help them rest. Introducing sleep supplements fortified with broad spectrum CBD to your system that are offers an incredibly powerful way to address a sleep disorder while also treating pain and anxiety. How … Read more

hangxiety sleep problems knightcap sleep supplement

What Hangxiety Has to Do with Sleep Problems

Words like “hangry” are kind of cute – you’re angry because you’re hungry, so feed the beast and all is well. A buzz word like “hangxiety,” however, isn’t quite as cute. In fact, it’s kind of dark. Combine hangxiety with sleep problems and you’ll not only have a hangover and heightened anxiety, you’ll be exhausted … Read more

sleep and depression knightcap sleep supplements

Is There a Link Between Poor Sleep and Depression?

Sleep is everything. When you get enough sleep, it helps maintain good health. When you’re depressed, though, it may feel like you’re sleeping all the time but still tired. Or it may feel like you want to sleep all the time but just can’t. Quality of sleep and depression are closely linked, and working to … Read more

fall asleep without alcohol knightcap sleep supplements

You Can Fall Asleep Without Alcohol

Drinking in the evening to relax is a common behavior among adults. Some take this habit one step further and believe they need to drink more so they can become drowsy and fall asleep. You may even begin to think you can’t get to sleep unless you have enough alcohol. Here’s the secret: There is … Read more

5 Reasons Magnesium Is Better Than Melatonin

Having trouble falling asleep? Take melatonin, people say. Can’t stay asleep at night? Get melatonin, people advise. Unfortunately, melatonin is not as magical as its alleged to be – a fact you may have already discovered if you’re taking it and still suffering from subpar sleep. Melatonin can interrupt more than promote healthy sleep, unlike … Read more