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Sleep Solutions: When Your Partner Sleeps but You Can’t

One of the great mysteries of the world is having a partner who sleeps soundly while you are wide awake and angry on your side of the bed. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people because of sleep disturbances, sleep apnea, hormonal fluctuations, or other health problems. Thankfully, with minor effort, there are sleep solutions for you – and your significant other.

Sleep Environment

Where you sleep matters. Who you sleep next to matters. And every element in your sleep environment matters, from the blankets you use to the mattress. One of the biggest factors in your sleep environment though is temperature.

Maybe you like it cold, your partner likes it temperate. You fight over the AC or heat every season of the year, but here’s the reality:

  • Good sleep requires a consistent temperature.
  • You won’t sleep well when it’s too hot and be awakened looking for warmth if it’s too cold.
  • The temp of your environment has a major impact on the body’s circadian rhythm and sleep and wake cycles.
  • Colder is better than warmer because room temps that are too high interrupt REM sleep and overall sleep quality.

Noise, Noise, Noise

You don’t need total quiet to sleep. In fact, it’s good to have a little ambient noise from a sound machine so other unexpected sounds don’t suddenly wake you. Some noises come from your partner, though, and they can really cause a problem for your sleep. Teeth grinding is a big culprit, but snoring might be the worst:

  • When snoring interrupts your sleep cycles it is not only dangerous for you and your rest, it’s a sign your partner likely suffers from sleep apnea, a serious health problem.
  • Their snoring may make you anxious and worry about going to sleep every night.
  • The additional anxiety worrying about their health and yours can negatively impact your rest along with the noise.

Change Sleep Factors Where You Can

Sometimes sleep disturbances are your partner’s problem – sometimes they’re yours. Sleeping next to anyone is an exercise in devotion. You must be willing to put up with quirks and interruptions. Anyone who struggles with quality sleep is already at a deficit when it comes to rest, so sometimes you need to help yourself sink into dreamland.

Beyond wearing earplugs, using sound machines, and sleeping in separate beds, the right sleep solution will help you rest without leaving you groggy or hungover in the morning like nightly drinks or medications. Plus, prioritizing sleep means your mental and physical health will improve, which leaves you a better-rested person who feels good and has plenty of love for their partner.

Rely on Proven Natural Sleep Solutions

Restorative sleep strengthens relationships. Sure, there will always be times when someone doesn’t sleep well because of children, sickness, hormonal fluctuations, or stress, but if you put your sleep needs first, you prioritize your partner’s too by default. And that’s better for everyone.

Don’t look for a quick fix to help you with sleep – rely on a product that is specifically designed to help you go to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested, no matter who is lying beside you – or across the hall. Choose KnightCap for your solo sleep needs.