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broad spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD for Sleep

CBD offers a wealth of health benefits and serves as an incredibly effective treatment for pain, anxiety, and, you guessed it, sleep disorders.

  • Do you want a more holistic way to fall asleep at night?
  • Do you wish you could wake up feeling truly rested?
  • Do you want to stop worrying at bedtime and just rest?

Broad spectrum CBD in water soluble sleep aids offers relief in multiple ways while delivering a natural method that helps you achieve the rest you deserve.

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The Basics of CBD

Our body’s circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that helps us fall asleep at night and wake in the morning. If you’ve ever tried to force sleep or pull yourself out of sleep using a substance of one kind or another, it’s undoubtedly been a difficult journey. Relying on a natural substance like broad spectrum CBD is exactly the opposite – it works with your system for real rest. Broad spectrum CBD in a natural sleep supplement contains all the good stuff without any intoxicating elements or psychoactive compounds.

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broad spectrum cbd
broad spectrum cbd

The Appeal of Broad Spectrum CBD

Chronic sleep problems are a major life interruption for millions of adults. People are worried, stressed, hurting, overworked, and anxious, and a lack of sleep only contributes to these complications. Alcohol and melatonin cannot provide ongoing and successful entries into sleep, but sleep supplements containing broad spectrum CBD can.

  • CBD works both naturally and holistically with your unique sleep-wake cycle.
  • The CBD compound is non-psychoactive so you can feel comfortable using it.
  • Get a reprieve from physical and mental health complications that impair sleep.
  • CBD delivers reliably on solid rest night after night.
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Therapeutic Effects of CBD on Sleep and the Body

CBD isn’t only beneficial in ushering you into sleep. It can provide other body and mind benefits that make it easier to visit dreamland and stay there all night. Many health conditions impact quality sleep, but CBD can help:

  • Insomnia: CBD works with the hypothalamus to suppress and regulate stress, so the sleep/wake cycle is healthy and works properly.
  • Sleep-wake cycle disorders: When the body’s internal clock doesn’t match your environment – a problem that can occur when traveling, aging, caretaking, or shift working – a CBD-containing sleep supplement can get the body back to the normal stages of sleep.
  • Anxiety disorders: CBD is known to reduce anxiety without lethargy which makes it a great method for shutting down intrusive thoughts that often pop up when lying down to sleep.
  • Restless leg syndrome: This neurological condition can interrupt sleep repeatedly, but CBD can reduce nerve actions that lead to involuntary leg twitches.
  • Chronic pain: When the mind is ready to sleep but the body won’t allow it because of discomfort, the presence of broad spectrum CBD can help provide relaxation.

Sometimes considered a great equalizer, broad spectrum CBD restores hormone balance and allows the body and mind to find that zen place when it’s time for sleep.

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broad spectrum CBD

Enjoy the Holistic Sleep Benefits of CBD

CBD does not contain intoxicating or addictive elements. It does, however, lead to such amazing rest that you will always be thankful for the holistic sleep supplement that’s easy to take and works naturally with your body every night.

The KnightCap sleep aids offer the following benefits:

  • Easy for the body to absorb
  • Fast-acting
  • Consistent results
  • Maintains effectiveness over time

The KnightCap sleep supplements are available as softgels or tinctures, both of which are easily ingested before sleep. KnightCap is a fully natural product designed for quality sleep.

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