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Is It Possible to Wake Up Feeling Fully Rested?

You’ve probably heard people say things like, “I got an amazing night of sleep” or “I woke up feeling so good this morning.” Your response? Jealousy? Disbelief? It can feel like people are simply lying about their sleep prowess when you struggle with achieving quality rest let alone waking with a spring in your step and sparkle in your eye. Some sleep habits that seem innocent may interfere with your ability to wake up feeling fully rested.

Do You Drink Before Bed?

People who rely on a glass of red wine or a few cocktails before bed to unwind are doing themselves a disservice. Alcohol has the reputation of being a sure thing when it comes to relaxation, when it comes to lazily guiding you into sleep. But if you find that you need to drink more to get to sleep, have trouble staying asleep, or wake up with a headache, dry mouth, irritability, or tiredness, alcohol is not the answer.

Does Your Partner Interfere with Your Rest?

Sometimes it’s not your own sleep habits but those of your partner that get in the way of waking up feeling fully rested. If the person you sleep beside every night snores, moves or gets up often through the night, or has sleep apnea, you will be affected by their unrest. The interruption of both your sleep cycles is dangerous, and knowing that you’re going to be bothered all night can cause you anxiety and worry about bedtime that further interferes with sleep.

Do You Take Melatonin at Bedtime?

Melatonin is often considered a reliable sleep habit because it is naturally occurring in the human body. Unfortunately, there are negative side effects from using this supplement, from grogginess to the interruption of quality rest. Melatonin doesn’t have sedative properties and can’t promise a solid night of sleep. Even though melatonin may help with falling asleep quickly, it’s also demanding because users must take it at the same time every night to even hope for similar results.

Do You Make Selfish Sleep Choices? (You Should)

We have all faced sleep troubles at one time or another. Taking care of infants or ailing children or aging parents or dealing with our own mind and body troubles get in the way of restful sleep. Ideally, these are temporary conditions, but sometimes you need to make a major change to give yourself a chance to wake feeling rested.

Your environment is important – the right temperature, the right company (or none at all in many situations), and the right level of ambient noise all impacts sleep quality. Change what you can when it comes to sleep environment and especially what you eat or drink before bed. Avoid the promised quick fix and instead invest in a product that is designed to help you go to sleep, stay asleep, and wake feeling fully rested. Choose KnightCap. Protect your sleep.