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You Can Fall Asleep Without Alcohol

Drinking in the evening to relax is a common behavior among adults. Some take this habit one step further and believe they need to drink more so they can become drowsy and fall asleep. You may even begin to think you can’t get to sleep unless you have enough alcohol. Here’s the secret: There is an alternative to drinking in the evening. And it won’t leave you with all the negative side effects of alcohol.

The Awful Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol Before Bed

Restorative sleep is always the goal, right? You want to fall asleep beautifully and wake up feeling rested and ready to attack every day. Unfortunately, if you fall into an alcohol-induced sleep, there is a good chance you’re no stranger to the following side effects in the morning:

  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Irritability
  • Very tired upon waking
  • Sleepiness through the day

And then there are the side effects many late-night drinkers experience through the night as they’re attempting to take advantage of that hard-won rest:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Trouble staying asleep
  • Racing mind
  • Waking up to use the bathroom

The Downward Spiral of Drinking to Fall Asleep

Instead of sleep habits getting better over time as you identify the sweet spot when it comes to how many glasses of wine you need, problems can develop.

  • Early drinking: You may need to start drinking earlier and earlier before the alcohol finally takes effect and makes you drowsy. This increases the chances of feeling negative side effects through the night and the next morning.
  • Excess drinking: It may feel necessary, over time, to bump up your alcohol consumption to achieve a decent night of sleep. What really happens though is that the excess drinking interferes with sleep.

Side effects like these take the enjoyment out of alcohol and turn it into a must-have element when it comes to seeking rest. When that is the case, without any other option for achieving rest in sight, drinking to fall asleep can become an unwanted and unhelpful crutch.

Choose to Go to Sleep Without Drinking

Alcohol interferes with quality sleep. Even though alcohol has a sedative effect that promotes relaxation and drowsiness, this side effect is only a trick. You’re more likely to suffer from fragmented sleep because alcohol interferes with reaching deep, restorative sleep that repairs and reenergizes the body. Your liver needs to metabolize the alcohol that is in your system, which disrupts the sleep cycle.

The Solution to Sound Sleep Without Alcohol

The all-natural KnightCap Wellness sleep tincture or softgels are made with essential minerals. These careful formulations support well-being and help a body achieve restorative sleep. KnightCap is the alternative to drinking to fall asleep. It is the path to waking up feeling rested and refreshed, not tired and worn out. Say yes to a better mood and more energy by relying on a plant-based sleep supplement. Your mind and body are subjected to stress, work, technology, and family demands every day. Make rest something easy to capture, every night. Choose KnightCap for alcohol-free sleep.