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5 Reasons Magnesium Is Better Than Melatonin

Having trouble falling asleep? Take melatonin, people say. Can’t stay asleep at night? Get melatonin, people advise. Unfortunately, melatonin is not as magical as its alleged to be – a fact you may have already discovered if you’re taking it and still suffering from subpar sleep. Melatonin can interrupt more than promote healthy sleep, unlike magnesium which has the properties that work with the human body for real rest.

1. Already Part of Your System

Magnesium – also known as magnesium glycinate – is a naturally occurring nutrient in the human body. Melatonin is naturally occurring too, but sleep aids that use artificial melatonin interfere with the body’s hormone production. Magnesium is automatically part of stress reduction and the regulation of the body’s blood pressure. Sleep aids that contain natural magnesium mesh seamlessly with the body, allowing more effective communication between brain and body for the capture of quality rest.

2. Feel Calmer

Our days are stressful, whether working, caretaking, parenting, volunteering, or watching the news. Magnesium in the right format and the right sleep aid helps calm the nervous system and, as a result, prepares body and mind for sleep. You can’t fully find the way to good sleep if your synapses fire without a break – and melatonin isn’t the supplement to get you there. Magnesium delivers true calm so you can rest more authentically.

3. Truly Sleep All Night

While many people claim that melatonin helps them get to sleep quickly, it does not contain any sedative properties. The result? There is no guarantee you will sleep through the night. To allow your body the joy of complete rest, you need a more reliable option. With magnesium, you can minimize restlessness and light sleep patterns and experience full restorative sleep.

4. Wake Up Feeling Rested

It’s amazing to fall asleep easily or sleep through the night, but when you wake up, that’s when you want to really feel like a brand new you, wholly and completely rested. Melatonin is known for making people feel groggy in the morning, but magnesium contributes to a healthy sleep routine so you wake feeling rested and have a productive day.

5. Only Positive Side Effects

Melatonin has its place for some people, but only if you’re willing to accept the bad with the good. There is no escaping the negative side effects of taking melatonin for sleep. A magnesium-rich sleep supplement, though, is a gentle nutrient that improves cognitive function, enhances mood, relaxes muscles, and preps the active body and mind for the sleep it needs and wants.

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